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Right to Left: Russ Elford, Allene Larrivee & Nicole Haliburton of IPC Securities Corporation

Barbara Francescut & Stefano Francescut of IPC Investment Corporation


Personal Message

Managing one's financial affairs is complex and time-consuming, and too important to leave to chance.

I believe this provides us with a unique opportunity to serve as each client's Personal Financial Manager. In fulfilling this role, I and my team assume responsibility for coordinating and managing our clients' evolving financial and personal needs, from insurance and retirement planning to tax and business matters.

I am an independent advisor that takes the time to completely understand each client in terms of his or her objectives and circumstances, then draws upon the collective talents of our team of associated professionals to deliver high quality advice and integrated life management solutions. This team includes chartered financial analysts, lawyers, accountants, insurance experts, financial planners and business managers. I strive to build lasting relationships with my clients in terms of their total life management needs. For us, life management is about continually doing things to simplify and enhance their lives. The result? Clients are better able to balance their personal, career, retirement and lifestyle objectives.

Investment, Wealth and Life Management Solutions

Managing your money and planning your financial security are no easy tasks. Time constraints, ever changing tax laws, a confusing assortment of investment options - all present roadblocks for most people in addressing their financial affairs in any effective and coherent way.

We're here to help. Through our work together, you get a diverse range of wealth, investment and life management offerings, combined with professional expertise, independent advise and individual service. We'll simplify your life by guiding you through complex decisions and taking the lead in managing your evolving financial and personal needs.

We also recognize that not everyone faces the same financial issues. As such, our goal is to focus on what is important to you, in your particular case. The ultimate implementation of any proposed and relevant solutions would then follow an agreed upon timetable.

In our view, you are far more likely to achieve your financial objectives with the help of sound professional advice, discipline and the benefit of a clear and understandable financial plan.